December 19, 2012
Rancho Sante Fe Review
Ranch School’s literacy program ahead of many districts to meet Common Core Standards next year
Fortunately teachers and students at the R. Roger Rowe School (Ranch School) are prepared for the change. This is due to the school’s affiliation with the Columbia University/Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project...

December 18, 2012
The Connection
Norwood School Raises Money for Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy
Norwood Walks 2012 was part of the Literacy Lifeboats Initiative, which was started by Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project to help New York City’s K-8 schools after Hurricane Sandy...

October 29, 2012
Used Books in Class
“We are in the ‘Perfect Storm’ in Education”-Lucy Calkins and the Common Core
The impending Hurricane Sandy did little to stop over 2000 teachers from attending the 83rd Saturday Reunion at Teacher’s College at Columbia University on Saturday, October 27....

August 10, 2012
Edgewater View
Edgewater officials outline school year goals
The initiative aims to improve reading and writing skills through renowned methodologies developed at Columbia University's Teachers College...

May 16, 2012
Becket School Wins Flexibility
Becket Washington will continue a partnership with Columbia University’s Teachers College to train teachers this summer as part of a special schoolwide emphasis on literacy and writing skills...

May 14, 2012
PBS Newshour
Boosting Reading Skills: Will 'Common Core' Experiment Pay Off?
Called the "Common Core," a new set of state guidelines spell out what young students are expected to learn and what books they're expected to read...

March 14, 2012
Teachers College Press Room
Trusting in Wild Things: Lucy Calkins recalls that the late children's author and illustrator Maurice Sendak was "unafraid to put real books in kids' hands"
Of the many “reading wars” over the years, none has been more bitterly fought than about whether to use real books with young readers or for-profit collections of created, decodable “text.”...

March 2012
Educational Leadership Journal
Every Child, Every Day
Article by Richard Allington and Rachael Gabriel
"Every child a reader" has been the goal of instruction, education research, and reform for at least three decades. We now know more than ever about how to accomplish this goal. Yet few students in the United States regularly receive the best reading instruction we know how to give.....

March 25, 2012
Used Books in Class
Common Core Literacy
At the 82nd Saturday Reunion held at the Teachers College at Columbia University in NYC, Calkins stood before a packed house of elementary and middle school teachers in the Nave at the Riverside Church to deliver her closing session, “Walking Courageously Forward in Today’s Common Core World: Literacy Instruction, School Reform and Visions of Tomorrow”...

March 2, 2012
Press of Atlantic City
Choice of topic boosts reading, writing in Hamilton Township schools
The program, implemented by Teachers College at Columbia University, has had success and the teachers say it’s due to broadening the students’ choices in the classroom and allowing them to discover the lessons on their own...

February 16, 2012
Allentown Examiner
Students Showcase Written Works at Publishing Party
Kohn, who was trained in the Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Project method at a weeklong institute over the summer, has pioneered the project at the school and has been working on it with her students since October...

January 23, 2012
North Jersey Record
Tablet helps students improve reading and writing
Educators have added iPads to a national reading and writing project implemented two years ago to help the district improve test scores...

January 17, 2012
The New York Times
Cheryl Tyler: Something Worth Fighting For
When word got out in the fall that Public School 277 in the Bronx had landed on a list of schools that could be closed by the Department of Education...

January 13, 2012
OB-EN OBserver
Oyster Bay Schools are Seen as Model Schools
Over 60 teachers and administrators from the Farmingdale, Commack, Great Neck and Roslyn school districts visited the Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School in Oyster Bay to learn about the exemplary Reading and Writing Work being done there....